12 Ways To Prepare Your Child For Preschool

Children grow up really fast, don’t they? Before you know it, they would have learned how to crawl, sit up, and then walk. And in the blink of an eye, it would be time for them to start their preschool journey, right?

Preschool ChildWell! Now, starting the preschool journey is a really huge step for toddlers. And parents play a vital role in preparing their little ones for this new experience.

However, going to preschool does come with some emotions, either positive or negative, for both the parent and the child.

In this article, we’re going through some useful tips that’ll help you support your child to make the transition to preschool a joyful one.

Let’s dive in!

How To Make Your Child Preschool-Ready

Handling Separation Anxiety

The first step to getting your child ready for preschool is handling separation anxiety for yourself and then for the child. The reason why we need to handle the anxiety for ourselves first is that we are more stressed about the child stepping out of the home. He/she knows nothing about what’s about to happen and anxiety is passed on through parents.

Preschool Kids

Building Knowledge About The Preschool

Help your toddler understand preschool by giving them an idea of what the preschool will be like, what they will be doing, what a normal day would look like and so on.
For example: Tell them “I will be dropping you at that colourful building out there. When you go inside, you can make many friends and can have lots of fun with them. When the preschool is over, I’ll come back and pick you up!”

Visit The Preschool

Visit your child’s classroom and meet the teachers and staff a few days before preschool begins. Show your child where she’ll keep her bag and other personal things. This will boost your child’s confidence in this new setting.

Establish A Routine

Create a regular ritual – waking up at a particular time, having breakfast together, packing the lunch, getting ready for preschool, saying bye to parents, saying hello to the new teacher, going to bed on time and so on. This will give them a better clarity on what to expect and what is expected of them.

Practice Independent Tasks

Children love to learn new things. And when your little one is at the preschool without you, he/show should be able to do certain things independently. However, independence comes from practice, and with your guidance. It would be great if you could guide your child in doing the following things before preschool starts.
– Opening the tiffin box and water bottle
– Learning his/her full name and phone number
– Keeping things to their proper places
– Cleaning up the mess

PS: Don’t forget to praise your child’s efforts and successes.

Act It Out

Pretend that you are going to preschool and sitting with a bunch of friends for group time. Play games, read stories and do activities. This is also the best time to teach your child a few basic social skills.

Reading Books

Read Books Everyday

Children enjoy books and love listening to stories. Reading to your little one will not only develop an early love of reading in them but will also enhance their vocabulary and introduce them to new words and concepts. Reading is also a great time for you to bond with your child.

Encourage Kids To Express Their Feelings

Let your little one know it’s normal to feel happy, sad, excited or worried. Allow your child to share his/her worries. Kids can also express their feelings through facial expressions, their body, their behaviour and so on. Learning to express feelings in a positive way helps them develop the skills they need to manage them effectively.

Improve Communication

When your child is at the preschool, they should be able to tell their teacher when they need to drink water or go to the bathroom and so on. For this, you need to improve their communication. One way to encourage your child’s communication is by making them ask for what they need before you give it to them. This will encourage them to be more communicative.

Choose The Right Preschool Program

Preschool is a fun and happy place for children where they can learn, play and explore a lot of things. But not all children love going to preschools. So make sure you enrol your child in a preschool where they will be most happy. According to a recent survey, 96% of children attending the Flintoclass learning program were found to be happier and more excited to go to school! Yes, Flintoclass follows activity-based learning. Through different textures, materials and exploratory activities, your child will develop an immense love for learning, while having fun. Enrol your child in a Flintoclass learning program and see the difference it makes.

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Introduce Kids To Arts

It is no secret to parents that kids just love art. Including it as an important part of your little one’s routine can have a huge impact on their overall growth. Not only will it prepare your child for academic success, but it will also develop their fine and gross motor skills and offer your child the opportunity to express themselves creatively.

Make Them Socially Ready

Meeting and interacting with new people, greeting teachers, and so on are a set of traits that preschool children must start learning. This sets a good foundation for the many years of formal schooling as well as for life.


Preschool is a period of learning and growth. With these little preparations, you can make your child’s transition to preschool an easy one.

PS: Tell us how you prepared your child up for preschool. Leave your suggestions below.

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