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Development tracker to keep a tab of your child’s progress

Storytelling sessions to spark the creative senses


Easy-to-use with simple step-by-step instructions to guide the child

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Early Literacy

Early Literacy

Term 1

Term 1

  • Build a vocabulary of 20 words every month
  • Recognise small letters through thematic association
  • Use of sensorial materials to strengthen fine motor grip and control
  • Follow 1 or 2 step directions; express wants and needs
  • Use fingers and basic tools to trace alphabets
  • Build an additional vocabulary of 30-40 new words per month
  • Construct simple sentences using 2-4 words and narrate familiar stories
  • Use fingers or sensorial tools to trace small letters and associate the phonic sound
  • Enhanced visual-motor coordination for emergent writing
  • Introduce a variety of painting tools to improve tripod grip
  • Answers simple questions such as ‘who?’, ‘what?’, ‘when?’, ‘where?’, ‘how?’ etc.
  • Thematic learning on my family, fruits & vegetables, healthy food, my body, my school and farm
  • Introduction to letters, phonic sounds, small and capital letters, and identification and tracing of letters
  • Pre-math concepts such as big & small, less & more, heavy & light, one & many
  • Counting from 1-10 through hands-on and fun activities
  • Thematic learning on my home, my family, my body, my emotions, my healthy food, trees, plants, flowers
  • Learn about garden tools and insects, fruits and vegetables, living and non-living things
  • Rhyming words ‘wig’, ‘dig’, ‘pig’ etc and all vowel sounds
  • Spell and write 3-letter words, read aloud words
  • Count and write up to 50 number names
  • Sequencing, lesser & greater,
    before & after, ascending order, counting with coloured rods

Early Numeracy

Early Numeracy

Term 2

Term 2

  • Identify, recite and count numbers
  • Explore measurement through creative play
  • Introduce pre-math concepts such as heavy/light, big/small, one/many
  • Sorting through colour, shape, size or purpose
  • Provide alternatives to enable decision-making
  • Identify and match numerals; grouping objects by numbers
  • Understand the spatial relationships of 3D objects
  • Understand one-to-one correspondence of objects to numbers
  • Understand stable order of numbers and number cardinality
  • Complex sorting by combining colours, shapes and patterns
  • Use prompts to encourage decision-making by offering choices
  • Explore new topics such as animals, birds, garden, plants, trees, flowers, living and non-living things
  • Reinforce the learning of phonic sounds, recognise and write small letters, match small with capital letters
  • Identification of objects through names and beginning sounds
  • Counting up to 25, tracing and writing numerals up to 25 and understand sequencing
  • Learn about animals, birds, garden, plants, trees, flowers, living & non-living things
  • Introduction to 4-letter words, consonant blends ‘pl’, ‘br’, ‘fl’, ‘dr’ etc
  • Introduction to Digraphs such as ‘oo’, ‘ee’, ‘ck’, ‘ng’, etc
  • Demonstrative adjectives such as ‘this’, ‘that’, ‘and’ along with read-aloud words
  • Count and write up to 100, count before, after and in between, counting with coloured rods
  • Descending order, group counting, skip counting, lesser & greater

Social & Emotional Development

Social & Emotional Development

Term 3

Term 3

  • Gain an awareness of self
  • Encouraged to do things independently
  • Express emotions through gestures and facial expressions
  • Encourage parallel play
  • Learn social understanding through pretend play
  • Identify strong preferences
  • Confidence to do tasks independently
  • Express feelings and needs through words and emotions
  • Recognise the feelings of others and communicate concern
  • Encourage cooperative play
  • Encourage empathy and understanding of social contexts
  • Learn about transport, music, community helpers, sky & space, seasons, public places and the environment
  • Introduction to word families such as ‘at’, ‘an’, ‘et’, ‘it’, ‘ug’, ‘ot’, etc
  • CVC words -- learn to identify, read and write
  • Count, trace and write numerals up to 50, sequencing, number games from 1-10
  • Explore sky & space, seasons, birds, ocean, world and the environment
  • More Digraphs such as ‘sh’, ‘ch’, etc, short and long vowel sounds
  • Introduction to ‘in’, ‘on’, ‘under’ and read aloud words
  • Reading simple sentences; simple question and answers
  • Count up to 150, group counting, skip counting
  • Picture and number addition & subtraction

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