What is FlintoClass | FlintoClass

What is FlintoClass?

FlintoClass is the world’s best and most trusted preschool system with a presence in 500+ preschools across 8 countries. It provides a comprehensive package for preschool owners and edupreneurs to run a successful and profitable preschool at an affordable cost. No Franchise Fee! No Royalty Fee!

What is unique about FlintoClass?

  1. Everything needed to run a preschool is packed in a box and shipped to the preschool month on month
  2. Follows an award-winning curriculum inspired from the best of Waldorf, John Dewey, Multiple Intelligence and Play-way learning systems
  3. Any preschool following any curriculum can convert to FlintoClass at any point of the year as it is flexible and easy to adapt
  4. Helps educators irrespective of their experience and background, to deliver high-quality learning experience to children
  5. Follows a unique pay-per-child method helping preschool owners and edupreneurs get profit easily
  6. Our high-quality, research-based early learning program is uniquely designed to support each child, through world-class activities that cover 16 key areas of skill development
  7. Democratises early education so that a child learning at home, school or even under a tree get the same learning experience